Created for the WOWIE Jam 2.0 , hosted by Jonas Tyroller

You are a slime in a test facility and you must defeat the giant slime! But wait, surely that can't be the end. Use the bugs you find along the way to progress through the unfinished, buggy game. Don't let the game stop you!

Can you collect the Blue, Red, Green and Yellow Collectable Items? (Obviously they don't actually do anything. It's a collectable!)

I will be continuing this project after the jam has finished, if you want to follow the development, follow me!

(To save the game you must press the quit button on the menu, i didn't have enough time to create an auto save)

Development log


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This game is really fun I hope i will play it again as a bigger project ;). ( Without real pp graphics tho :| )

Yes! I am planning to continue with this project (With new characters lol). If you want to follow the development when i start after the jam, you could always follow me ;)


fun, pp fight xD

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I have been told too many times that the guns look like pp, My art skill are unmatchable