How to play

  • On your turn, you can open your dice bag to change your party, and then roll.
  • Each die in your party rolls, and then you can use the number rolled to move or attack enemy dice. 
  • You can attack enemies from 3 tiles away, but do more damage if directly next to the Enemy
  • Each enemy you kill gets added to your dice bag for you to Use
  • Once all enemies on a level are dead, you can go to the next level.
  • Hold Space to view the whole level

Known Bugs

  • Enemy dice can go on walls and other dice
  • You can get stuck if you are surrounded by player dice and roll a 1
  • Enemy dice all get locked onto a single player die instead of the closest until it is dead
  • Game over if your party is empty but bag has dice in


Bag of Dice is a grid based strategy game, where you are in cont-roll of some dice, you have to roll the dice, and you have to make the enemy die die. The game is made of quite a few random elements - the level generation (even down to the textures being randomly selected and coloured), the enemy's rolls, and your own.

Each level increases in difficulty, as new dice emerge. As you kill each one, you obtain them in your Dice Bag. At the start of each of your turns, you can choose to swap out dice from your party and the Dice Bag, or get out a new dice to replace a dead dice who died.

When you roll your dice, whatever number it lands on is how far it is allowed to move, or to attack. Each of your dice has an attack range of 3 tiles - but enemy dice only have an attack range of 2 tiles - use this to your advantage! Dice deal more damage when attacking a die next to them.

Though the dice you start with is numbered 1-2-3-4-5-6, lots of the other dice aren't - and each has different health values too.

A quick note: We accidentally gave the dice too much personality. Sometimes they're a little mischievous and disobey their code a little. Feel free to tell us about whatever strange antics they get up to in the comments.

Programming - LlamaDev

Art and Music - OsirisMoon


MacOS 46 MB
Windows 32bit
Windows 64bit 37 MB

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